Tribes and Tribulations

I’m off on a bit of a rant (well a sort of rant) so forgive me. I’ve noticed a new buzz word recently – tribe. Each to their own and all that but from me it’s a no.

I don’t have a tribe and I don’t want a tribe if I’m totally honest. Most of the time I hate people, not all people obviously, but big, noisy, crowds are my nightmare. I find with some people they just suck the positivity out of me. There’s always someone with a ‘helpful’ suggestion. I’m guilty of that too, I know that, but I’m trying to stop giving unsolicited advice.

Some people expect you to drop everything for them but if I have something going on 9 times out of 10 I’m surrounded by tumble weed. The crowds have dwindled to nothing. This is not with everyone, I know I have some very good people there for me and I’m very grateful. As for a tribe though – I’ll be a lone soldier.

I’m wondering what the next buzz word will be……

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  1. I hear what your saying. I am a sociable intervert, but I do have a tribe, of chosen people. These are folks that accept me as I am and support me when needed- within reason- and I love to have coffee with or hike with. Sometimes my tribe may be myself and one good friend. Other times, its a few good friends.I no longer have people in my life who suck the energy out of my soul, or who expect me to drop everything for them, and I do not expect my friends to drop everything for me. These people were my tribe long before it became a buzz word…I guess I’m just ahead of the crowd once again 🙂 .

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