The Dream??

This week someone asked me what my dream was. That’s a difficult question and one I hadn’t really thought about. In many ways I’m living the dream, I have a beautiful house, a wonderful family including the dogs, food on the table and I’m fairly healthy.

The only downside is financial. It’s quite a struggle making ends meet, I’m not ashamed to say that but I’m trying to rectify it. For a long time the dream was to work in tourism. I can only work part-time because of Jono and that suits me fine but it’s hard trying to find anything other than the eight hours I work weekly in Social Media and the occasional photography work.

I contacted a lot of agencies last year but didn’t get anywhere so I’m pouring my spare time into Sligo Hub. I’ve been promoting Sligo for years anyway so it makes sense to work on the website. So what’s the dream? Well I’d love to do something tourism related. I suppose the dream would be to eventually be in a position to earn a wage – even a small one from tourism or promoting Sligo.

On the other hand I’d also love to carry on exploring my creative side. There are lots of different arts I’d like to try and at the moment I’ve got a bit obsessed with collecting random things that I tell myself I’m going to make something with! I’m having fun anyway and that’s what matters.

What’s your dream?

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