Snow Day in Ireland

Well you’d never think it was March 1st, Ireland has been hit by the ‘Beast from the East! It wasn’t meant to visit Sligo but it has and the whole country is now on red alert with so many places closed today or planning to close. We have been told not to ventre out after 4pm when Storm Emma is to join the weather party.

To be honest, at the moment, it’s not that bad. Although when I was coming home yesterday my car decided to slide past the drive! The hill is even worse today so luckily as I work in Social Media I can do that from anywhere. So I’m lounging on my couch with the dogs snuggled beside me and a cup of tea, it’s lovely actually.

What makes me laugh about Ireland is the panic buying that goes on. I’ve seen it on Christmas Eve where people seem to be buying for years ahead not just for a couple of days. There doesn’t seem to be a supermarket in the country with a loaf of bread – mind you half the supermarkets are closed! I’ve been looking on Ebay and DoneDeal and there are loaves of bread up for sale for all kinds of money. I’m not sure about the Beast from the East – more like the Yeast from the East! You’d honestly think no one eats anything else.

I’ve been laughing at the videos of people ‘dealing bread’ and there’s even been a photo of ‘Breadbulben’ doing the rounds. At least the Irish can laugh at themselves. I’m just waiting for Jesus to appear in a loaf.

I don’t think the weather will ever be as bad as 2009/2010. It was a Winter I’ll never forget. Both Andy and Jono were laid up in bed. Jono just after spinal surgery and Andy with unable to move with sciatica that resulted in a blood clot. Myself and Lucy muddled through life, running out of everything – home heating oil, food and medication. I went to drive to the chemist and my car slid across the drive where it stayed for two weeks. If it wasn’t for a kind neighbour and the local shops we would have been stuck. Of course, we lived through it, and I think whatever happens we’ll be OK.

I hope you are all warm and dry where ever you are ….and that you have enough bread!

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