Talk is cheap

Living in a small town in Ireland is amusing sometimes. I’d kind of forgotten how fast news travels around here until yesterday.

I bumped into someone who told me I was teaching art classes every Wednesday in a local community centre!! This is completely news to me and I’m wondering how much I get paid 😉 Of course I’d need to learn about art myself first. It’s funny because it’s often said that stories grow legs around here and they really do. Someone had seen my paintings on Facebook and added two and two together and made 6. It’s grand when it’s something so innocent but it hasn’t always been like that.

Years ago there was an incident involving an English couple – the story was elaborated on and it turned out people thought it was about me and Andy. I was wondering why we were getting strange looks.

On the bright side I guess when people are talking about me they aren’t talking about others.

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  1. yep- been there…..all I can do is shake my head and laugh. Its amazing how fast things go around and are so off base by the time to get to me…..they should make a TV sit come around this 🙂

  2. Ha, ha, isn’t that so true. Several times I find a story about me has circulated and twisted .. then when it gets back to me I think. “Wow! That’s a great idea, I think I will do that”.

    I once bought a lovely cottage because of such rumour.. i did not know it was for sale but I did say I thought it was nice. Then the story was around we had bought it, eventually so eone sked when we were moving in … so I visited the owner and she was already certain we were buying .. so we did 🙂

    I once had a fancy for a Donegal girl, and sort of let out I thought she was nice .. and the story was out and about in that part of Donegal, within days we were engaged, secretly married, and living in a hideway. I had never really met her. However, she also got the story living there, so decided to visit Scotland to see who she was ‘married’ to. We had fun times togwther but the romance was short.

    Strangely, her name was Snowy, and when she arrived at my home an early November, it was anowing 🙂

  3. Wow, those are some good rumours! Mine had no effect (on me at least, that I know of), except for making me laugh every time I think of it.
    At age 19 I went off on a government-sponsored community-volunteer trip that lasted nine months. We were in groups of 30 young people, split into smaller groups of 10 who shared three houses. It was a wonderful time; we lived and worked in three different provinces here in Canada, and my friends from those days are still friends 40 years later. Better than that, they’re like family.
    In 2002 I moved with a new beau back to my hometown area in Saskatchewan and someone asked him, “Didn’t your girlfriend used to be with a group that sold flowers in airports, like the Moonies?”
    If people look at me funny, that could be why.

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