Versatis Patches – the talk continues

Following on from my posts last week about the withdrawal of Versatis Patches by the HSE I have a couple of updates.

Firstly thank you to Joe Duffy for continuing the conversation and giving us a platform to speak. You can hear more about Jono’s story on this podcast at around 37 minutes in.

Secondly there is a fantastic, supportive, Facebook group called ‘Patch Us Back Up’. It’s great to be able to talk to others in the same position. You can find them here.

Also some national newspapers and local radio stations have let families highlight their stories, so maybe, if we make enough noise, the decision might be overturned or at least a compromise made. We got a mention in the Sunday Independent yesterday.

I’ve been trying to find out how much the patches cost to buy. So far I’ve found out that we can buy them in Northern Ireland they are €92 for 30 with a prescription from the GP.

Last by but no means least I’d like to say thank you to Jenny for her support. I’ve never met her but I’m so struck by her kindness and her reaching out to me. Thank you Jenny.

To all those battling well done for making a noise, if there’s any justice out there we’ll win this war.


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