Water and Watercolours

It’s been all about water today. Although Jono recently had Botox and pain management injections for his chronic back pain he is still in a lot of pain in the parts where he wasn’t injected. A friend invited us to use a hot tub and it made such a difference to Jono.

Water is so helpful to ease his pain and it was wonderful to go and relax. I’m trying to find a swimming pool that will let us pay as we go as some days Jono wouldn’t be able for it at all. I know the regional sports centre let you pay as you go but I’m concerned that the public hours would be busy. Anyway I’ll keep trying.

I’m still busy painting, I’m on to watercolours now but they are harder for me than acrylics. I’m so hooked on painting that time just slips away – it’s just so relaxing. I wish I’d had started painting years ago but I suppose everything happens when the time is right. The painting below looks a bit better from a distance, well it couldn’t look much worse 😉

My new counselling sessions start tomorrow, in a strange way I’m looking forward to it. I’m hoping I get to see the same person who assessed me back in the summer, after just a short chat they gave me the courage to face my biggest fear. It was a very empowering thing to do and already I trust this person – which is a rare thing for me. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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  1. Wow, is that watercolour painting? Very deep colours. Did you lay a lot of gum on the paper before painting? What paints do you use? In my watercolour days I used to buy Sennelier watercolour paint, all natural pigments in a water and honey base. They were as rich as that.

    As for water, I think Kilronan Castle offer quiet pay as you go bathing and hot tub … but its quite a distance for you. I hear their pricing is not too bad. Talk to them about Jono. They are decent people there.

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