Insufferable Insomnia

Night number three of not much sleep. It’s really annoying because I get off to sleep quickly and wake up after about an hour. This pattern continues throughout the night. It’s like a light switch – on and off, on and off.

I’ve now given up trying to sleep and I know today will be difficult. I can feel a migraine looming already and my shoulders are knotted.

I’m back to stressing about silly little things. I hate this feeling and I know it’s lack of sleep making me feel worse. 

Physically I’m not feeling the best either. My eyes have been blurry and feeling strange from time to time for the last year and I have numbness around them. In the last month I’ve had chest pains moving around to my back and general aches and pains and my right leg is numb from my knee to my ankle. I also feel like I have a spider dancing up and down my back from time to time. 

I’ve been to the doctor and had tests and I’m in perfect health – including my cholesterol – I had a bar of chocolate to celebrate. So now I feel like a hypochondriac. Anyway I’m sure it’ll sort itself out in the end but it’s infuriating when you know you aren’t well but you don’t know what’s wrong. I’ve stopped googling because I could have all kinds of things, I’ve also stopped going to the doctor. I never used to need to go – those were the days – isn’t middle age wonderful? 

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  1. Believe it or not Menopause has a lot to answer for. All sorts of strange happenings in a normal healthy human so it then plays tricks with your mind. Mystery pains, sleeplessness. A visit to a good physio might put your mind at rest about some of the symptoms but no wonder you worry. X

  2. My sleep pattern identical, these past few days. Blurry eyes and a bit of migraine too. Something in the air? I do not worry about it but just get up and carry on something … then sleep when sleep calls me again … but this happens every January with me.

    Perhaps paint in the night? Very calming.

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