Whale hello there

Why the title? Because I’m feeling like a whale this evening! Lucy is home for the weekend so we went for a mooch in a local charity shop, a favourite pastime of mine. Anyway Lucy spotted a dress that she thought would look nice on me so I tried it on.

I came out of the changing room to show Lucy and as I did the lady who worked in the charity shop said it used to be her dress but it looked better on me. I was delighted until she said it suited me better because I’m bigger than her, I must have looked a bit shocked because she went on to say I have a fuller figure. As I have a complex about my weight, no matter what weight I am, I didn’t buy the dress. I think I’d feel fat every time I wore it if I bought it.

Onto other things I interviewed a lovely lady today for the next issue of Sligo Now. I came away feeling very inspired, there are so many fascinating people out there and I love finding out their stories.  I even went exploring afterwards and I haven’t done that in ages. So interviewing people obviously agrees with me 🙂

I’m a bit anxious tonight. It’s our choir Christmas dinner tomorrow (yes I know it’s January) and it’s a year ago since I had my first panic attack – it’s going to be in the same venue as well. I am worrying but I have to make myself go or I feel it’ll always be hanging over me. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


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  1. Very tactless of her. I would have walked out too. I get similar said to me, plus nasty ageism slurs. Sometimes its a trio of Englishism, Ageism, and Fatism. If I get any of that I either just walk out, or if I can think of a joke throw that back at them. I may have said there “I agree. Its a shame it will look so awful on me soon then” … and walked out. I will not put up with that bullying.

    However, that stuff never gets me down any more because I’m a conceited b’stard. My attitude is they do not deserve my custom, my presence. There are many people out there that appreciate my presence, and that’s where I will be … like you discovered with the person you interviewed later. There are shops in Boyle, Ballymote and Sligo I will never walk into for the same resons.

    You are just fine Val. A lot of people love you Yes, we all like to tinker at losing a bit of weight, but we remain the same whatever shape we are. We love the person as they are today, not what they may be. Self love has to be on those same terms too Just hang out with people and places where you blossom and flourish the most.

  2. Sorry to hear about your negative experience in the charity shop. Some peoples attitude leaves alot to be desired. Im sure you looked lovely in the dress, but I indeed understand how you feel about the dress. There would be no point in hanging it in the wardrobe, if you felt it was nearly mocking you. I know lately some people are making statements about sensitivity and being politically correct, and I know it can go too far. But as I work in a charity shop too, and I’m a mother, a sister, a friend, an aunty and a work colleague, I understand that our words can be weapons or wings, We have to think before we speak, as words cannot be taken back. But they can set someone flying high or sinking low.

    1. Thanks Margaret, I love that saying ‘words are like weapons or wings’ so very true. You are right about the dress, it would have been mocking me.
      I know I am way too sensitive but sometimes people are better to say nothing.

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