F is for failure

A bad day today. Feeling very down and useless. It’s been quite a while since I’ve felt this low. I’m back to the whole not good enough, not cool enough, not strong enough state of mind.

Part of me wants to run away but I can’t run away from myself. Tomorrow is another day. 

5 thoughts on “F is for failure

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  1. It’s a dip in the road, Val.
    Not “cool enough”, not “good enough” for whom?
    If it’s any consolation, most people have regular low dips in self-esteem, but it passes.
    Take care. xxx

  2. I always forget to remind myself,or maybe I do remind myself?? That bad days come and they go. Of course on bad days, sometimes the thoughts are not enough. We may need to embark on watching something funny on TV,or go for a walk, or sometimes simply let it be. If you feel like staying in bed all day ( And no work to go to on this day) then stay in bed.. perhaps not all day..as I don’t think that can be very healthy. 😊

  3. Hi Val
    Sorry to hear you had a tough day
    I visualise feelings as the ocean. It ebbs and flows. High and low tides,storm induced swells and tumultuous waves. However it is just water responding to gravitational pull and environmental conditions
    Don’t emotions do the same? They are transitory and like any storm will pass. The trick is to find shelter tgjjwgt does
    Very best wishes. I’m at other end of a phone if you want to ring.

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