Plotting and Planning

I’ve been plotting and planning, lots of ideas as always, and I was delighted to get the art supplies above from a voucher that the family gave me for Christmas. I love painting and drawing, it’s such a enjoyable thing to do.

I might not be very good at it but it’s very relaxing. I was a bit upset when I was told I wasn’t going to make any money out of it. That’s not the point of it and I hadn’t even had a notion of trying to make money from it. Sometimes it’s lovely just to have a hobby.

My 50th birthday is getting closer, people keep asking me what my plans are but to be honest I don’t have any. I would have liked to have some kind of a makeover and new hair style done but I don’t think it’s going to happen. I am really hoping to get to Krakow this year for a few days so maybe that might happen, I’ve got some books from the library to read all about it. I like planning things and having something to look forward to.

I went to the GP to see if I could stop taking the anti-depressants, I am feeling a lot better but she thinks that could be because I’m on a higher dose so I have to stay on them for the time being. I’m don’t mind taking them but I’m getting really bad nightmares, they are so vivid and frightening but as the GP said ‘Would I rather be depressed or have nightmares?’ – that answered my question!

Well back to the drawing board. Have a good weekend x


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  1. GPS are two fond of medication … doses should be minimal enough to regulate issue and no more … but what do I see? The bloody dose increases dispite the patients protests ..

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