Saturday Thoughts

Well it’s Nollaig na mBan today, which means Women’s Christmas and it seems like Christmas was a million years ago, I really enjoyed the break from ‘normality’ so in a strange way the car not working was a blessing in disguise. I usually get cabin fever and feel myself turning into Jack Nicholson from The Shining but thankfully not this year.

I have spent much of this week chasing rubbish down the road due to one storm after another. Storm Eleanor even left some coal in the garden for us…nice!

If you read my insomnia update I spoke too soon and had a couple of sleepless nights, my Facebook readers think it might be the full moon, it could well be, although Jono had pain management injections during the week and I know I was stressing about that. I don’t know how he copes, they look so painful but I suppose he’s in pain anyway bless him.

I’m back to sleeping OK now though so that’s something. I’ve had a lot of chest pain recently, it must be coming out in sympathy with my knee. I’m on an anti-inflammatory medication but I’m trying not to take it, I hate all these tablets. On a positive note I won a consultation with a homeopath so that’s very exciting. The chest pain reminds me of years ago when I was diagnosed with Tietze syndrome so I’m wondering if that’s come back again.

Ooh I’ve just found out that I’ve won dance lessons with Sarah J Middleton Dance School! I’m very excited! I so wanted to get back dancing again and this will be a totally different form of dancing so bring it on!!

So that’s two wins in the first week of 2018, what a brilliant start to the year 🙂

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