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I’ve been a bookworm ever since I can remember, there’s nothing like the feel of a book or getting lost in another world that a good story can take you too. Some books feel like friends and I’m sad when I finish them. Others are a struggle that I give up halfway through. Life is too short to waste on a book I’m not enjoying.

Anyway I’ve gone completely off tangent there but that’s me all over. What I wanted to tell you about is some of the many services the local library offers. I’ve been going to a storytelling workshop hosted by the library, it’s been so interesting and informative.

The last meeting we had was held in the ‘Reference and Local Studies Reading Room’ this houses an archive of Sligo newspapers dating back to the 1820s there are also books and printed works of local interest. If you are looking for something in particular Malachy will do his best to locate it for you, you just need to give at least a days notice as some items are held off-site. I found The Reading Room and Malachy such a great help when I was researching for the Sligo Hidden Histories book.

Irish libraries are promoting ‘Healthy Ireland’ at the moment, as you go into the library there is a section with recommended books for all types of health issues. It’s hoped there will be some invents to coincide with this promotion in the coming months.

As well as borrowing up to 12 items for three weeks your library card also gives you free online services. The online services host e-magazines, e-books and e-audio, online language learning, Irish International Newspaper Articles and e-learning – hundreds of free courses! You can also borrow books from any library in Ireland and if you can’t find what you are looking for the library staff are very helpful. I think poor Joe is traumatised by some of the book titles I ask for! If you want to access any of the online services for all Irish libraries you can do so here.

The library also hosts various groups and clubs. I happened to notice a sign for a creative writing group in Tubbercurry library that I’d be interested in. There are also craft groups, film groups and so much more and they are free! If you have a book launch or something of interest you’d like a venue for they’d be happy to help.

I’m heading to the online courses during the lull between Christmas and New Year you never know what I might become qualified in!


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  1. This is lovely, don’t think we have anything like that here, but I will look. I’m a big believer that libraries can change lives and open up worlds that people didn’t know existed. Libraries are such a vital part of a community. When I travel, -which isn’t often- I try to visit the libraries in the towns I visit. I have also learned- in the past 3 years- that life is to short to struggle through a book your not enjoying. I wonder where that “I have to finish this book” came from? Enjoy and looking forward to hearing more 🙂

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