Breaking down for Christmas

Before you worry it was me personally that broke down it wasn’t – not today anyway! Today was meant to be a day of rest as it was St. Stephen’s Day or Boxing Day depending on which side of the pond you live in but things don’t always work out the way you planned.

My car was playing up a bit just before Christmas, we thought Andy might have got a bit carried away power washing it. It’s been misfiring and not going above 30 miles an hour and the engine light has been flashing on and off….never a good sign. So it’s been sitting on the drive in the hope that the magical car fairy might come and fix it.

Today Laurence came over to pick up Lucy and bring her over to his house, he had car troubles when he arrived and bless him he’s had his fair share over the past year. We waved them off and wished them luck. Ten minutes later we get a message to say they’d broken down. In the meantime Andy had my car in bits. He hastily put it together and off we went to ‘rescue’ them.

They were waiting for the removal truck but we thought at least they could sit in a warm car instead of a dead car while they waited. My car was going OK until we got close to them and it started kicking back again. It’s running lumpier than gone off custard! The light is flashing on and off again and goodness what’s wrong with it.

So now between us and Laurence we have two banjaxed cars. His got towed back to his house and mine limped home complaining all the way. The joys of having a 15 year old car and a 12 year old car. I’m sure one way or another it’ll all get sorted out. In the meantime no one is going anywhere.

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  1. cant understand why people drive old bangers why not drive a new car and change every 2-3 years like the rest of us and never be any problems

      1. A comment by a coward with a fake email address Lucy but not to worry because I have their IP address so they are traceable. It’s not the first time they’ve had a dig at me….

    1. new cars have never been more affordable for everybody not having a dig at you …
      just to let you know I am not associated or affiliated with audi Sligo but they are offering €6500 scrappage/trade in … 0% apr finance and free upgrades audi a4 diesel .. … comfort safety reliability after all you go through you should treat yourself you wont regret it . you only live once .. 23% tax rebate on purchase of new car 23% tax rebate on diesel and 100% tax rebate on road tax … do the math …

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