Sligo Acts

I went along to the Hawk’s Well Theatre yesterday for the introduction to Sligo Acts. This is a great new project by the theatre to give members of a public a chance to appear on stage. It’s open to all so there were people who had acting experience and people who were beginners.

I was delighted when I walked in and saw a few people that I know so I didn’t feel like a spare part as I usually do. There was a great crowd there which was brilliant to see. We were split into three different groups and got to try three different workshops.

I loved Jean-Marie’s workshop, I find he pushed me just to my comfort zone. There was a moment where we were all in the dark and had to imagine we were in the scariest situation we could imagine. I was so focused I haven’t got a clue what I said! 2

The next workshop was with Izzy and Paddy. We read a radio play which was something completely different for me. It was really interesting seeing all the sound effects being done and there are some great actors in our group.

The final workshop was with Julie, this was great craic. We got to play all kinds of drama games and I really enjoyed it. Sadly we ran out of time before we could do our improvisation.

What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon. We’ll be back in January and will have weekly rehearsals from then with a performance in March. I’ll tell you all about it nearer the time. I’m looking forward to it already 🙂

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