The Sound of Silence

Oh yes I’m wide awake – and I’m on my phone. I’ll never learn! I actually had four decent nights so that’s a start.

In a lot of ways things are picking up, in other ways things are exactly the same – or even regressing.

I think I was naïve when I started the coffee mornings. I thought it would open up a whole new circle for me and it hasn’t. I think as far as friends go it’s time to stop trying and actually I’m OK with that. At this stage it’s better for me not to try than get hurt all over again.

I’m so excited though, this weekend Jono is taking me to Birmingham and I will get to see my best friend from school. I haven’t seen her in about 35 years! I really can’t wait.

There are so many great things in the pipeline and I’m thrilled. Of course the cogs are always whirring so there are new ideas all the time too. Watch this space 🙂 

One thought on “The Sound of Silence

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  1. Aha, just made a connection! Your activities with coffee and sleepless nights!

    As for friends, it got me thinking about how I seem to form close friendships after living somewhere a couple of years or more. Looking back, it has always been though food and gardening activities. On the other side of my life, writing, music, poetry, performing, there’s always people about but bonds are not formed … unless food and gardening is integrated into this?

    Another thing that brings us together is adventure where we each need to help each other through something. Its no surprise that military people become friends for life. That may also be the reason we remain strong friends for life with people we were at school with?

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