Green-Door Festival

This weekend sees an amazing event taking place. If you’ve ever wanted to know about sustainable features and ways of living, many self-builds, renovations and extensions, will be open to the public. This is part of the Green-Door Festival and takes place in Counties Leitrim and Sligo.

Now in it’s 4th year The Green-Door Festival is a unique opportunity to meet home owners and builders, architects and suppliers to get first hand, honest information about the whole process of sustainable planning, designing and building, the choices made, the highlights and the lowlights.

The weekend is full of talks, workshops, exhibitions and demonstrations, with the aim of stimulating and inspiring the weekend’s participants.  

  • The weekend kicks off with talks and debate which aims to give a backdrop to the weekend. The theme: ‘Building, Living, Dwelling’ will be discussed by the following speakers at The Dock Arts Centre in Carrick on Shannon.:
  • Jingru Cyan Cheng : A Split Household: Contemporary Rural Home for China’s Floating Population; Marcus Donaghy and Will Dimond : Material Knowledge ; Deirdre McMenamin :  Configured Rurality Models of Rural Habitation and will be chaired by  Dominic Stevens
  • All day Saturday 30th : 15 homes throughout South Leitrim  are open to the public.  From a cob house to an architect’s garden to a heritage rectory.
  • All day Saturday 1st Oct: Exhibition: ‘Thinking, Living, Dwelling’ is a major new exhibition curated by Sarah Searson and designed to underpin the Green-Door festival (running until Oct 14th) A whole day of talks and clinics at the Dock to include a cob clinic, Healthy homes by Pat Barry IGBC.  Architecture-based drawing and painting workshops for adults and children.
  • 11-5pm Peter Cowman from Living Architecture will be giving talks and demonstrations based on his econo-space, in Leitrim Village.
  • Film Night: Microtopia, La Maddalena Chair and Sensing Spaces are films about architecture and homes at The Glens Centre in Manorhamilton. This is a chance to unwind and catch up with other people.

  • All day Sunday 30th: over 20 homes in North Leitrim and Co Sligo open their doors to the public.

Including artists’ homes (Max and Anna-Maria, Matt Jones, Charlie Easterfeild) new build builds (Frank Albrecht) and renovations (Brian and Jane)

  • Bike tours of some of the homes around Dromahair led by architect Colin Bell.
  • Exhibitions, demonstrations and workshops at the Leitrim Sculpture Centre

The full programme is here:

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