Green-Door Festival

This weekend sees an amazing event taking place. If you’ve ever wanted to know about sustainable features and ways of living, many self-builds, renovations and extensions, will be open to the public. This is part of the Green-Door Festival and takes place in Counties Leitrim and Sligo.

Grand Designs

I’ve always been interested in home design programmes. Imagine being able to design your own home. What kind of design would you go for? What features would your house have? Would you be minimalistic or go for the cosy, lived in look? Would you have a mansion or a cottage? In my mind I have […]

Derelict Ireland

I was looking at Flickr the other day and found some great images of our derelict nation which led me to the blog. It really is interesting and there are some great images on it. It makes you wonder why some people leave their homes with family photographs in them or tea towels still hanging up […]