Snakes and Cakes

This weekend was spent celebrating St. Patrick. On Friday I went to Dublin for the parade – more about that in another post. Yesterday was spent mainly eating cake – I can’t think of a better way to celebrate anything!

First visit of the day was to Beltra Country Market. If you’ve been reading the blog you’ll know I’ve been dealing with anxiety and even though I have been to the market in previous weeks I’ve never managed to stay for any length of time.

This week some snakes came to visit so I spent about twenty minutes with one around my neck. I like snakes and I found it very relaxing, they aren’t at all slimy and are in fact quite warm. My new friend was called Ash and is 6 years old. I did worry it might poop on me but I’m told they only poo about once a week – I hoped yesterday wasn’t that time!!

After the snake petting I even managed to sit in the lovely tea room and enjoy tea, cake and a chat. Thanks Charlie for the encouragement! So that was a big step especially as I was feeling jittery.

After Beltra I headed to Boyle. I was meeting Lucy and we were going for Afternoon Tea – more on that in the next post. I had to stop along the way to take a photo of Michael Budd’s place in Castlebaldwin. It looks amazing!

I was early (as usual) and it was lashing rain so I went to Drumanilra Farm Kitchen for coffee and a scone. It’s a lovely cafe and well worth a visit. I love that they have a sand pit for children to play in – what a lovely touch. They also have a great farm shop selling all kinds of everything including products from their organic farm – I’m wondering if they do farm visits – that would be lovely.

So that was my Saturday morning in Beltra and Boyle – a lovely way to spend some time 🙂


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