Transformation Tuesday

Our village Operation Transformation finished last week. I went along every week to be weighed and I’ve lost a stone so I’m pretty happy with that. The pic on the left is before (I’m the less hairy one 😉 ) on the right is after.

I’ve always walked a lot so that wasn’t a big change but I have drastically changed my diet. I don’t really eat meat now,  I don’t eat bread or pasta, I eat way more fruit and veg.  I’ve cut out the crap (apart from the occasional treat – and it’s very occasionally). I’m hooked on herbal tea and oat cakes and I have the feeling I’m going to turn into a chick pea.

I now weigh less than when I got married almost 27 years ago although according to the BMI scale I’m still overweight. Damn it! I’ve dropped a size in clothes. Lost three inches from both my waist and my hips and two from my bust (why couldn’t I have kept the bust??) I still have an arse – more’s the pity and my pot belly and bingo wings.

Do I feel any different?  It’s nice to be able to fit into trousers without having to lie on the bed trying to hold everything in a wiggling like a mad thing.  It’s also nice not to have the button from my jeans fly across the room and hit a child. My cholesterol is now normal too. Since seeing the Nutritional Therapist I don’t get dizzy any more – before then I was doing my own thing and starving myself – and not losing weight.

I will carry on because this isn’t a diet it’s a lifestyle change and I have enjoyed being part of the Operation Transformation group for the weigh-ins and walks. My nutritional therapist  was just brilliant at helping me make healthy choices and pointing out where I was going wrong. As soon as she has her website up and running I’ll add a link.

I’ve really enjoyed Pilates and I’d love to do more exercise – especially a dance class or something similar. Who’d have thought I’d ever say that!  It’s probably the first time I’ve stuck with a New Year’s Resolution so I’m pleased I did. Have any of you kept up your resolutions?

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  1. Salsa, chacha and meringue lessons starting in Ballymote Family Resource Centre soon. Well done you, thats a huge change to have made and glad that it has made you feel better about yourself

  2. No resolutions really ( well not a new year’s one), but since the beginning of December I have stopped coffee and bread. Green tea instead. I have recently stopped meat ( more of a moral issue). But by just taking bread out of the diet has made huge changes! Well done! 🙂

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