Snakes and Cakes

This weekend was spent celebrating St. Patrick. On Friday I went to Dublin for the parade –¬†more about that in another post. Yesterday was spent mainly eating cake – I can’t think of a better way to celebrate anything!

Flavours of the World in Sligo

Yes once again it’s all about food! Saturday I paid a visit to Beltra Country Market. It’s one of my favourite markets in Sligo – with such a friendly atmosphere – and of course Marguerite’s Famous Beetroot Burgers!

A Sligo Saturday in December

We woke up to a brief dusting of snow today. It does make a change from all the rain but it’s hard to deal with the cold now after all the mild weather we’ve had.

Marvellous Markets

This weekend was a busy one for me. I visited two markets in Sligo. The first one was on Saturday morning at Beltra. As the saying goes: Buy Local. Buy Irish. Buy Well.¬† When you buy from a local market you are supporting local people and also buying fresh produce and unique art and crafts. […]

Seeing things

I was too early for Beltra market this morning so I headed down to Portavade beach (which is on the same road as Dunmoran). It was lovely with the sun shining and when I got out of the car I was delighted to see a seal. I spent about ten minutes waiting to see if […]

Kidding around at Beltra Country Market

I had a great morning yesterday at Beltra Country Market. Paul, who is a goat farmer or as he calls himself ‘The Goat Man’ came along with two lovely goats and told us all about them. I was very lucky as I got to have a try at milking one…I was useless it has to […]