First target reached!

Monday night is our Operation Transformation group weigh-in. I was a bit dubious as to how I’d done this week because as you know I went for Afternoon Tea on Saturday. I’ve also been eating more after my talk with the nutritionist who told me I was eating way too little.

Anyway I’m delighted that I’ve lost weight again this week and am now 10 stone 7lb. This is the weight I was when I got married almost 27 years ago so I’m really pleased with that. I also managed to squeeze my backside into a pair of size 12 jeans today. That’s no mean feat I can tell you!

Ideally I’d like to get out of the ‘overweight’ category according to my BMI. I’d also like to get rid of my belly. It is toning up due to the Pilates but it’s still there. I’ve discovered I can have occasional treats in moderation and I’ve stopped counting calories.

Part of me feels like the ‘old me’ has been kidnapped. I found myself enjoying my blueberries, nuts and my ginger tea the other morning after washing the kitchen floor. Whereas before it would have been a cup of coffee with cake – and I certainly wouldn’t have washed the kitchen floor!

I’m sleeping so much better now I’ve cut down on the crap, I have more energy and I’m walking much more – in all weathers. I hope the new me hangs around from now on 🙂


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  1. Way to go, Val!! That is awesome to be at the same weight you were when you got married, pre-babies! Keep up the good work. Thursday I begin the Engine 2 Seven-Day Rescue Diet. We shall see how it goes…

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