Skincare and Squirrels

The Holy Well

A little bit of everything today. Firstly I paid a visit to The Holy Well. It’s one of my favourite places in Sligo, just so peaceful and calming. Today I wasn’t alone though…..

Red Squirrel

When I arrived at The Holy Well I saw this little guy – he wasn’t a bit bothered about the car. I sat and watched him for about ten minutes. I was trying to get pics but it wasn’t great through the car windscreen. I got out as quietly as I could and managed to get the pic above before my friend went on his way.

Holy Well

My next visit was for a bit of pampering. My friend’s daughter is studying beauty therapy so I got a facial done. It was so relaxing and my skin feels really soft now. I’m the worlds worst at paying any attention to skincare. I have to say I was fairly mortified at my horrendous eyebrows though, at this stage they are close to taking on a life of their own! That’s on my ‘to do’ list.


After the pampering my stomach was rumbling and I have to admit I was bold. There’s a new restaurant opened on O’Connell Street. It’s called Indulge and I did just that! The cheesecake was amazing and I enjoyed every bit of it. I’m back on the straight and narrow again though and had a salad for dinner and there’s an Operation Transformation walk tomorrow – so no more goodies for a while 🙂

Hope you all have  a lovely weekend.



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  1. Sounds like a perfect day, Val. I hope to visit Holy Well again someday; it was just lovely and I thank you for showing it to us. I also had an indulgence today – blueberry pie. I am overly full now and no Operation Transformation walk to look forward to. But I won’t eat another thing tonight and I’ll try for an indoor walk tomorrow sometime.

      1. I didn’t do the indoor walk, but I did get a nice long outdoor walk with my dog, so I’m happy about that. The same today or will do the indoor thing! Glad you had a great walk with the OT group 🙂

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