Squirrel Spotting in Sligo

There was a great reaction to my squirrel photo yesterday and a lot of people have been asking where to see them in Sligo so I thought I'd do a quick post. I've seen a couple of red squirrels here in Coolaney but never managed to get a photo of them. There seem to be... Continue Reading →

Skincare and Squirrels

A little bit of everything today. Firstly I paid a visit to The Holy Well. It's one of my favourite places in Sligo, just so peaceful and calming. Today I wasn't alone though..... When I arrived at The Holy Well I saw this little guy - he wasn't a bit bothered about the car. I... Continue Reading →

Skating and Squirrels

This morning started off very icy. It was so bad that when I 'walked' Rocket-dog we ended up re-enacting Ravel's Bolero. I did such a great triple salco I'm thinking of embellishing my reflective jacket with sequins so I can really look the part! I think the village people will love it. (Village people as... Continue Reading →

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