Tobernalt Holy Well, Sligo

I used to write for Sligo Now Magazine and back in 2019 I wrote an article about Tobernault Holy Well. I always find a sense of peace here, and I know so many other people do too. I thought you'd like to read the full article: Just a short drive from Sligo town you will... Continue Reading →

Healy Plants Sligo

A couple of weeks ago I went to Healy Plants near The Holy Well in Sligo. It's a gorgeous garden centre and even though it was raining I loved looking around. I'm still trying to get my photography passion back so wandering around looking at the plants and the wildlife was a great way for... Continue Reading →

Skincare and Squirrels

A little bit of everything today. Firstly I paid a visit to The Holy Well. It's one of my favourite places in Sligo, just so peaceful and calming. Today I wasn't alone though..... When I arrived at The Holy Well I saw this little guy - he wasn't a bit bothered about the car. I... Continue Reading →

Autumn at the Holy Well

The Holy Well in Sligo really is one of my favourite places. It's lovely to go and just clear your head and reflect on that sounds very deep 😉 I was feeling a bit under the weather and felt a lot better for my visit. I'll let the photos tell the story.

The Holy Well

The Holy Well is one of my favourite places in Sligo. I'm not religious at all but I find such a sense of peace there. People light candles for prayers or wishes. I lit a candle for a friend yesterday. I had to laugh at the sign that says 'Don't drink the water' but there... Continue Reading →

Sunny Sligo

Sunny Sligo, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. Well it's been a really lovely couple of days. I actually managed to get the grass cut today and caught up on all the washing. In the middle of it all we heard the 'Mr. Whippy' van so the kids and I piled into the car and whizzed of... Continue Reading →

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