Happy 2017

New Year's Eve 2016

Well as you can see we celebrated New Year’s Eve with much merriment. You can just feel the party vibe going on here.

This is the first year in quite a while that Lucy has joined us, she saw how much fun we’ve had previously! Laurence, her boyfriend, also came along to join the festivities. They gave the party a 9.5 out of ten, we lost marks for not having maraschino cherries (first world problems) and running out of vodka. We didn’t, however, run out of Mi Wadi or Pringles – I think I should be sponsored by them 😉

If you are thinking this hilarity was for one night only, here’s a look at previous years:

2015 New Year's Eve

2015 – A tin of beans came along to join the Mi Wadi and Pringles.

2014 New Year's Eve

2014 – wot no Mi Wadi?? Plus there appears to be Bailey’s – way too much frivolity!

2013 New Year's Eve

2013 – obviously not even worth standing up at this party.

I’m looking forward to this year already!!

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