Spooky Easkey

Easkey Scarecrow Festival

The folks of Easkey have been busy this week with their Annual Scarecrow Festival. It’s really worth a visit, their is so much work that goes into the scarecrows and of course Easkey is a beautiful place to visit anyway…do check out the coast road and Easkey Castle too.

Willy Wonka

Willy Wonka was in pride of place with his Golden Ticket.

David Bowie

David Bowie was also in attendance for this star-studded scarecrow festival.

Kim Kardashian

I really liked Kim ‘Crow’dashian, I’d have liked her even better if a car hadn’t parked right in front of her and I could have got a photo of the wine glass on her backside!

Donald and Hilary

Taking a break from the presidential election campaign were Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton.


Poor old Elvis – well I think it was Elvis was taking a weight off his mind in the middle of the street.

The Guards

Even the Garda were on hand in case any of the scarecrows got out of hand.


I don’t think this local fella was too impressed though.

An Easkey local

Well done to the people of Easkey for such a great job.

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  1. This looks like loads of fun! I had no idea. We often spend Halloween in Sligo. Will make a note. 😀

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