From beyond the grave

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After meeting Sean Conway and going to ‘The Making of a Medium’ screening last night, it’s stirred a whole lot of memories for me.

I firmly believe there is something after we die, I’ve had a few experiences myself which I’ve never written about. ┬áThe one I’ve decided to share happened after my dad died. My dad had a huge interest in spirituality and attended Spiritual Churches when we lived in the UK. He always vowed that when he died he would let us know somehow if there was something after death.

Anyway he died in hospital. He waited until he was alone, my mother had requested that I should be the one to be told when he died. So the hospital phoned me to pass on the news. I phoned my mum twice and each time I got an answering machine – they didn’t have an answering machine – so this was baffling to begin with.

I went to my mum’s house to tell her about dad and as we were talking about him his chair started creaking. The dog went and sat by his chair and was looking up as if he was looking at dad. Then we both got the really strong smell of dad’s aftershave, that he hadn’t worn in all the years he’d be sick. We could also smell cigarettes and he hadn’t smoked in the last few weeks before he died. It really was like he was sitting in the room with us.

So I believe dad came back to tell us he was around. I still get little messages from him to this day. Usually an immense warmth in my back when I’m stressed about taking photographs. Dad was a photographer and it’s like he is giving me a push forward,

Have any of you had an experiences like this? I’d be interest in hearing them.

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  1. I have also had several experiences that make me believe there is life beyond this one. My Dad was gravely ill and in the hospital 600 miles away. My brother & I were traveling by car to be with him, and I had the “pedal to the metal” trying to get there as fast as we could. Suddenly I felt something pass right through me, like a breeze. I looked over at my brother & he asked “Did you feel that?” I said “Yes! Daddy is gone!” I backed my speed down to the speed limit because I KNEW there was no more need to rush. And when we reached the town where he lived we went right on past the hospital over to my parent’s apartment. Sure enough, our Dad had died at the same time we felt that strange “something”. A couple of days later at the evening wake at the funeral home the lights started blinking off and on, so fast that it seemed like someone was standing and turning the switch as fast as they could. NO ONE was bothering the light switches! I asked the gentleman running the funeral home if any equipment was running that could interfere with the lights. He said nothing electrical was running. I walked outside to check, but there was a clear sky. To this day I believe it was our Dad letting us know that he was still around! The year before he died I had read a book that told how deceased loved ones hang around for their funerals and often give signs like messing with the lights, etc. I had discussed this with my Dad, and we both had said we would definitely do that when we passed over!

  2. When my Dad was alive he and his family were very interedted in the afterlife and said he would try to let us know that he was around. About once a year, I ‘talk’ with Dad and ask him for a sign that he is okay. Usually within 24 hours, I get a sign. It could be the smell of his spray deodorant or a small draw is open in my closed secretary desk or a penny with his birth year 1923. It has been 26 years since his passing but he has never failed to let me know that he is around.
    I have been to two psychics – one world wide known – and both said that I have psychic ability and could easily learn to channel it, but I have chosen not to go down that path.

    1. That’s lovely Judi that your dad sounds you messages.
      I’ve also been told I have psychic ability but it’s scary for me to think about it. It’s OK with spirits I know but I’d be worried about what I could open myself up to.

  3. Beautifully told Val. I seem to have an constant stream of experiences like these, but most of the time it’s not family. It is the peeking of senses with smells, sound, movements, sometimes taste and the whole lot triggered off by touch. I get a lot of this in many places round Ireland, especially locally and it’s a huge help with my storytelling when I am leading groups. However, if I am t home and in a hall and someone says … Tell me the story about Grainne, or anything, I can be totally lost.

    I tend to. Terpret this as our about ability to tap into memories. Not sure if it is within us or something we can respond to t places.

    I have not got a specific tale for now, but when someone in a group told their version of the Dearmuid and Grainne story out by Caves of Keash, I was distracted by a glimpse of a woman behind the teller that did not seem to be of the group, then like an inner voice saying ‘this is what happened, so, semi politely and with a white lie I said, “its n interesting passionate sage, but a local story I have heard about this is …. “

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