Insomnia Sligo

Insomnia Mocha

Insomnia have grown from a single location in a Galway bookstore in 1997 to an estate of 120+ coffee shops across high street and through partnerships with SPAR and Eurospar in addition to other Irish Retailers such as Eason, Fresh, Meadows & Byrne, An Post, Heatons, Compass Catering, Debenhams and Penneys. In addition the company has 300+ self-service units in operation, both in Ireland and the UK.

They have now arrived in Sligo and opened their doors to the public on October 26th. I went along for a look and was really impressed with the place….and the coffee. The one in the photo above is a Mocha and the one below is a Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate.

Insomnia SligoYou’ll find Insomnia in Sligo at the entrance to The Quayside, opposite Flying Tiger. Head over to my Sligo Secrets Facebook page to see how you could win coffee for a week. 

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  1. Great piece Val. I sat many a time in that first location in galway. I used to take the bus up to galway just to sit and read there years ago. So happy to have it here in sligo too.

  2. Val aren’t you supposed to indicate when you’re being compensated for a post or product placement on your blog or twiiter feed? You seem to promote a lot of goods and services. Some are probably things that you like but others must be for compensation.

    1. Hi Joe, yes you are right bloggers are meant to say if they are being paid.
      However I’m not being paid for this post, I happened to post that Insomnia were coming to Sligo and the company contacted me to offer a prize for my readers.
      Whenever I’m invited anywhere or given something free I always mention it.
      To this day I have never been paid to write a blog post or promote a company, hope this answers your question.

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