Christmas in October

25 Fitzwilliam Place

Yes I know – I’ve mentioned the dreaded C word..sorry! I was thrilled to be invited to the Tesco Ireland Christmas preview which took place last night. The event was held in 25 Fitzwilliam Place, Dublin, which is the most stunning Georgian house I’ve ever seen and perfect for the evening.

Step into Christmas

As we walked in it was like stepping into Christmas, talk about the wow factor! The folks at Tesco don’t do things by halves. The sights, the sounds, the smells, just pure Christmas….without the annoying relatives – not that I have annoying relatives 😉

Chocolate goodies

I was just blown away by it all. It was fabulous to get a look at all the lovely Christmas products and we got to try some too. You can’t beat the chocolate sprouts! There were also various flavours of popcorn including white chocolate, gorgeous chocolate biscuits….and the cheese – oh yum!

Free From

Tesco have a great selection of ‘free from’ Christmas goodies this year. So if you have someone who can’t eat dairy or wheat they won’t have to miss out. The selection box in particular looks great – Lucy won’t miss out this year 🙂


We also got to see some of the lovely F&F fashion, all just lovely and great prices too. There were beauty products and board games, gift ideas for the whole family. I’ve certainly picked up a few ideas.

Food Cloud

In a lovely gesture the surplus food from the evening was donated to the FoodCloud.

Christmas Dinner

It was wonderful to meet so many people who I’ve spoken to online and they are just as lovely in real life.  Jono was thrilled to meet Kimberly Wyatt, she’s a lovely lady. We have to say a big thank you to Caitriona and Olivia for giving us a lift to the bus station and sincere thanks to Tesco Ireland and Darragh for inviting us along and for a wonderful evening. To The Hosts!

To The Hosts!



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