A sleeping and insomnia update

I had a huge reaction on the Facebook page when I spoke about my issues with insomnia, it seems so many people suffer from this. I've decided to do a post of things that I've tried in case it's of help to others. Dormeasan - Valerian drops. This helped me get to sleep but I... Continue Reading →

I’m not alone

Earlier today there was going to be a pity party of a blog post. That's what not sleeping at night does. Following on from my post about 'Who am I?' at 2am my negative thoughts told me I was a loser....yes thanks for that. I finally got to sleep at around 5am and when I... Continue Reading →

Wednesday Witterings

Well I got more sleep last night than usual, although it was a restless, troubled, sleep with really vivid dreams and constant waking up. Last night I had warm milk and cinnamon before I went to bed and it seemed to do something. Today I've had magnesium taurate and an epsom salt foot bath so... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Thoughts

Firstly insomnia is driving me barmy. I was up at 3am eating toast - and if I could have got a bag of chips I would have done. I got some sleeping tablets from the GP last week and I took one over the weekend....I still woke up during the night and I was inches... Continue Reading →

Life is not just black or white

I bumped into a lady this week who has been reading the blog. She stopped and we had a lovely chat. She shared some of her story. It's moments like this that remind me why I write about my anxiety issues. As we chatted she told me about things that have helped her which I am going... Continue Reading →

Insomnia Sligo

Insomnia have grown from a single location in a Galway bookstore in 1997 to an estate of 120+ coffee shops across high street and through partnerships with SPAR and Eurospar in addition to other Irish Retailers such as Eason, Fresh, Meadows & Byrne, An Post, Heatons, Compass Catering, Debenhams and Penneys. In addition the company has 300+ self-service units... Continue Reading →

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