Monday Motivation – An Update


If you read my post a couple of weeks ago, you might be wondering how I’m getting on. Well I’m still trying with the diet healthy lifestyle. I started on the worst week with the Sligo Food Trail taking place but one bad day doesn’t ruin it all.

So far it’s going grand. I’ve lost 3kg and I’ve managed to get into a smaller pair of jeans without doing the wiggle dance – if you know what I mean. It’s certainly easier to put weight on than it is to get rid of it and I do feel my age is against me, even though some experts say it doesn’t make a difference.

I’ve managed not to eat a biscuit in two weeks, I know I could but I’d be worried the old cravings would start again. It was almost the norm to have a biscuit with a cuppa for me, so it proves that most of what I eat was out of habit. I still have a jelly belly and all the spare tyres, double chin etc. so I’d love to be able to tone up. I’m frightened to start an exercise routine in case I do myself a damage – I sprained my neck in my first (and last) Pilates class a few years ago!

Anyway I’ll plod on and see what happens. I feel better for losing the few pounds anyway. Thanks for all the encouragement 🙂

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  1. Great work,Val, not easy to forgo those biscuits! No need to get fancy with exercise, just get a big can of soup & do arm lifts etc….

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