Flavours of the World in Sligo

Beltra Market

Yes once again it’s all about food! Saturday I paid a visit to Beltra Country Market. It’s one of my favourite markets in Sligo – with such a friendly atmosphere – and of course Marguerite’s Famous Beetroot Burgers!

Cooking Demo Beltra

Most Saturdays there are various workshops taking place at the market. Last week there was an Indonesian/Suriname Cooking Demo which I found very interesting. The smells were amazing and I’ve never heard of deep-frying boiled eggs so that was a first! The food was really delicious and it’s great to get an insight into food from other countries.


Now if that wasn’t enough food I headed into The Model to join the Sligo Global Kitchen. Sligo Global Kitchen is a socially engaged arts project, initiated by artist Anna Spearman in partnership with The Model, and those living within the direct provision system in Sligo town and others who share a passion for culinary and cultural diversity. The Global Kitchen takes place once a month and everyone is welcome to come along and try some of the fabulous food. It really was delicious and what I loved most about it was the sense of community, people from all cultures and walks of life enjoying a meal and a chat. I will certainly go back again.

So that was my Saturday (apart from our Gospel Choir Debut which I’ll tell you about in another post 😉 )

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