There’s a bit of a spark


Thank you to all of you who left lovely comments after my very self-indulgent post earlier this week.

I’m still sort of down in the doldrums (thank you Granddad for the expression). The mojo is still absent but I’ve just started a film making course and there’s a spark starting to appear. So far the course is excellent and I really had no idea how much work is involved in film making so I’m looking forward to learning more.

Also today I started jotting down a few ideas about the kind of photography I’d like to explore more of. So I might actually go one step further and start bringing the camera out again. I could do without the chest pains I’m having, I’ve never been an anxious sort of person but it seems like I am now. I’m sure it’ll pass and I am feeling brighter than I was, so that’s progress.

Onwards and upwards.

About magnumlady

Photographer, blogger, hooked on social media. Based in Sligo, Ireland. Passionate about Ireland and always looking for the next adventure.

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  1. Dave slaat

    Hey hope ur feeling better soonπŸ˜€ i remember you making nice pics from our cake shop in ballisodare…im following u on facebook.

    Maybe you can write something soon about our dutch bakery ireland in dromore west..

    Best regards..dave slaat

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