Looking down or looking up?

Looking down

I’m having one of those self-doubting moments. Well it’s been like that for a while now. My confidence seems to have gone completely. I hate feeling like this and I’m not sure what to do to get it back.

Looking up

I’m not taking as many photos as usual. I feel like I haven’t taken a ‘wow’ factor photo in a while – probably because I’m not out taking them. I’m also finding that I’m less likely to talk to people when I’m out and about. This has always been a struggle for me but it’s getting worse these days.

Light at the end of the tunnel

The pics are from the underground, they just seem to illustrate the post for me. I hope I start to get my confidence back soon. I suppose I’m doubting myself because there have been a lot of projects to promote Sligo and people have been asked to be ambassadors – I’ve never been asked. Also the blog awards came and went, I didn’t get nominated but that’s grand because the blog was never about awards. It does kind of make me feel like my blog and photography is rubbish though. Anyway I’ll keep plodding on and keep smiling 🙂


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  1. ,Well nearly everyone goes thru this, sometimes more than a few times too. Probably extra out of sorts with Lucy away. Try something different from photography for awhile & see what you like. Like you said, plodding on is the best thing to do. Best wishes.

  2. Don’t worry about the awards right now, remember Van Gogh only sold 1 painting during his lifetime! Perhaps you have been busy worrying about Jono, also caught up in the whirlwind of the SF trip etc. Figure out what you most enjoy doing, there you will find your energy and passion again!

  3. It happens to everyone! I call it The Doldrums.

    I don’t think you write for the sake of awards or recognition – you do it because you enjoy it. What’s more your readers enjoy your writings and photography even though most [like myself, to my shame] rarely if ever comment.

    In my opinion, the Blog Awards are there to impress the newcomers. I deliberately kept very quiet about them and was delighted when I wasn’t nominated! I actually forgot all about them until last night. The real award is in the writing and in the taking of photographs for people to enjoy.

    Keep on truckin’ Val!

  4. For what’s it worth, I would’ve nominated you for the awards had I for a nanosecond thought no-one else had. I suspect there were scores of folk as complacent as me. I guess you’re such an established presence in the blogscape, it brings its own risks. Your blog is one my faves where quality control never slip. I hope you break through the feelings fog soon 🙂

  5. Val you are in a class of your own for someone who is a professional and a self promoter of Sligo, not many people have the passion about a town the way you do. Regarding awards do not worry because if they are anything like the council then people are already picked and chooses before it all starts. Everybody hits a rut I know I did , don’t worry you’ll come out the other side keep doing what you love 🙂

  6. After the last few months expecially the trip with Jono there’s going to be an anti-climax, and your lovely Lucy moving out…. You’re being hammered as a Mum. Take some down time, a wee bit of self pity is allowed. With a bit of luck we will have a nice Autumn for some long walks and let nature be the inspiration you are missing. See you soon. X

  7. Oh Val, I diagnose tiredness both physical and emotinal – SF and then Lucy’s going.

    Every night when I see the Weather Forecast, I think of your brilliant photos. Doubt not but maybe try and not try so hard for a little few weeks. ( Soc Bridge doesn’t exactly excel in the Awards either. But what the hell!)

  8. Hang in there Val. The photo doldrums hits all of us at times. I know I go through them. Just keep carrying your camera and something will happen that will spark you up again.

  9. It’s Post-Trip Blues! So much excitement for so long, and then, poof, it’s done and dusted. If I could give an award, I would, to you! I never miss a post
    of yours and read it all the way through, and even give it a good thinking. I look at YOUR pics when I need a pick-me-up! Just take care of yourself physically! Keep busy and stop missing Lucy so Much. Your just a jumble, it will pass.

  10. Keep doing what you are doing, it’s great! I get like that, often; I realise that one might feel under pressure to write something. I let it pass. Then ideas come back and it’s great again. A big walk in nature always rewards me with perspective and inspiration.

  11. It’s only natural Val to feel a little low after ur trip to the States. All the time and energy u put into that trip for Jono was extraordinary. U are a strong lady. But when we complete such mammoth tasks it’s in our DNA to experience the anti climax. U will get ur mojo back and I for one am looking forward to the produce of ur renewed energy. Xx

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