Culture Night in Sligo, 2016


Culture Night Sligo 2016

I love Culture Night, it’s one of my favourite nights of the year. For those who don’t know about it Arts and Cultural organisations open their doors to the until late and host a range of events. It’s all family friendly and it’s all free.

Lorna's Candle

As always I’m torn about what to go and see. I really need to clone myself, or get a pair of roller skates so that I can get around quicker.

Lorna Watkins

This year I made it to The Model to have a glimpse inside the artist’s studios. It was really interesting to see the different work they produce, there’s some talent in that building.

Michael Wann

I visited Lorna Watkins, Michael Wann and Kiera O’Toole.

Kiera O'Toole

They all produce very different type of work and I was fascinated….I can just about draw the curtains!

The Nest

Next up was a visit to The Nest which is run by branching out. This is a wonderful place and it’s the first time I’d ever been in it. There were cosy chairs, soft lighting, books to be read, friends to be made and the ever important cup of tea. I joined in with the drama workshop which was great fun. I would have like to try the aerial workshop – but I was scared I’d pull the hoop off the ceiling and I don’t think the rest of Sligo would be ready to see my sizeable backside flying through the air.

Sligo Youth Theatre

The Sligo Youth Theatre was next for me. I got to see (and photograph) their play -The X Factory. It was their take on the X Factor and was just brilliant. I love taking photos of theatre performances, there’s something a bit magical about the lighting and the atmosphere. During the play a smoke machine was used so that added to the drama – I can see a person in the smoke – what do you think??

A person in the smoke

So that was my Culture Night. I’m looking forward to next year already. Perhaps one year I might get to Culture Night in Dublin.

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