Jono Kitted Out – Thanks to EJ Menswear, Sligo

Jono in Ej menswear

It’s three weeks until we fly to San Francisco so Jono can take part in the Pokemon World Championships. He’s one of two people in Ireland to get enough points to be invited along.

Back in May when he realised he had enough points we didn’t think he’d be able to go. It just seemed completely out of our reach financially but thanks to some wonderful people all over the world who donated to the crowd funding campaign the dream came true.

The good news continues this time with EJ Menswear who have given Jono a whole new outfit for his trip. Ej’s are located on Grattan Street, Sligo and they have an amazing menswear store. Mark just looked at Jono and was able to put an outfit together for him, he knew exactly what would suit him.

Jono is so thrilled, he thinks this must be what it’s like to be a celebrity. Sincere thanks to Mark, Gary and all at Ej’s for their kindness. We are so grateful.

If you don’t live in Sligo you can shop online, they have a massive sale at the moment so it’s well worth having a look, you’ll be glad you did!

Thumbs up from Jono

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