Ballina and back

Belleek Woods

Yesterday I went to Ballina for the day. I had to go to a couple of shops there so I tied it in with a visit to Belleek Woods. It’s a beautiful forest just outside Ballina town and along the banks of the River Moy.

I was intending to look for squirrels but I’d timed my visit with a race that was on so the squirrels weren’t hanging around for that!

Darkness into the light

After my walk in the woods I went into the town, did what I had to do in the shops. Browsed in all the charity shops…and there are a lot of them! Had a look at the farmer’s market and got a very nice piece of fruit cake. I went in to see the Jackie Clarke Collection, which is a little haven of information and tranquilty in the middle of a thriving, busy town. If you are interested in history it’s well worth checking out, I loved the vintage toy collection and the garden too.


On the way home I went along the coast road from Enniscrone to Easkey and stopped off for lunch at Pudding Row.

Easkey Surfer

Although Easkey is a small village there is always something to see. Yesterday was no different with surfers and stand-up-paddlers making the most of the Wild Atlantic Way.

Horse kisses

It was a lovely way to spend a Saturday and I’m looking forward to going back to Ballina and Easkey soon. It’s also worth stopped off at Dromore West to check out the falls, a gorgeous spot altogether. The rest of my photos from yesterday are here.

Dromore West

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