Plane Sailing for Enniscrone?


I’ve heard lots of local talk about a new glamping village coming to Enniscrone, Co. Sligo. Now this is glamping with a difference (nothing to do with the pic above by the way but that’s the old Cliff Baths in Enniscrone).

David McGowan, an undertaker based in the town, has come up with a unique and novel idea. He owns some land right near the beach and decided a glamping site (glamorous camping) would be a great idea. Not just any old glamping though. David has his sights set higher and his idea took wings when he phoned Shannon airport.

David has purchased a Boeing 767, formally a Russian plane. He bought it for €20,000 and intends turning it into holiday accommodation. Of course it’s not all ‘plane’ sailing (or is it) as he now has the dilemma of getting the plane from Shannon to Enniscrone! He was hoping to bring it via the roadways (I’d have paid to see that!) but a couple of bridges, hundreds of electricity and telephone wires and some traffic lights have put an end to that idea.

Why can’t David fly the plane I hear you cry? Well because it’s been decommissioned and there’s no engine in it. So now the only option seems to be bringing the plane across the Wild Atlantic Way by hoverbarge from Shannon to Enniscrone. So hopefully at the next high tide the plane will fly across the waves and land in Sligo. I’m hoping to be there when it happens…so watch this space.

Best of luck to David. You can check out his Quirky Glamping Village Facebook page for more information.


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  1. I just heard about this today, sounds like a cool idea, hope he manages it, it will be some sight to see the plane been brought a shore.

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