A Sligo Saturday in December


We woke up to a brief dusting of snow today. It does make a change from all the rain but it’s hard to deal with the cold now after all the mild weather we’ve had.

Rathcormac Market

I picked up Lucy from town and we went out to Rathcormac Market for a look around. Of course we had to pay a visit to the lovely Vintage Lane Cafe. It can be quite challenging eating out now because Lucy can’t eat dairy now but the staff were great and could offer several things without dairy.


We had a look around the craft village while we were in Rathcormac. Wildheart is one of my favourite places there. I feel like Alice in Wonderland whenever I step through the door. I could happily live here I think, there is so much to see. You can find out more here.

The Armada

Just a few doors up is The Armada, another wonderful place. Both Philip and Marjam are very talented people and both of them have items in the latest exhibition at the Hamilton Gallery so it’s well worth checking out.

After that we went on to Beltra Country Market, it was lovely to hear the Christmas Carols and to check out all the lovely goodies, many of them dairy free so Lucy was able to get a great selection of food.

So that was our Sligo Saturday 🙂

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