A couple of hours in Enniskillen


Yesterday Jono and I went up on the bus to Enniskillen. I usually drive up so it was a lovely change to let the bus deal with the bends in the road! I also fall asleep every time I’m on a bus so it was nice to have a rest too ๐Ÿ™‚

Although the exchange rate is fairly poor at the moment there were still a few bargains to be had, tins of new potatoes justย 15p for example and Twiglets….we love Twiglets but you just can’t buy them down here.

I see Cara pharmacy has now opened in the Erneside so that’s something new since the last time I was there. I didn’t take many photos at all but I did get the two below with my phone from a moving bus.

River Erne

There is a story about the bus home though. I have come to the conclusion that whenever I’m on public transport something happens. This time the bus door wouldn’t close so there we were sitting on the bus at the station in Enniskillen. It took 40 minutes, two mechanics and the driver all trying to get it to shut. In between all of one of the phone kept going off of one of the old chaps on the bus, his ringtone was ‘Arsehole calling, there’s an arsehole on the line!’ You couldn’t make it up! This was quickly joined by one of the old ladies phone ringing and we had ‘YMCA’!! I hope I’m like that when I’m old!

Enniskillen Castle

Anyway when we finally were back on the road home the driver drove like he was in ‘Need for Speed!’ Luckily I fell asleep (as always)! So that was our brief bus trip to Enniskillen.

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  1. You always have such great adventures (misadventures, too!) on public transport, Val.

    There’s an actual ringtone that says, ‘There’s an arsehole on the line’?! Hilarious!

    I think I’ll opt take the bus next time we go up to Enniskillen – the last time I drove up, I couldn’t find parking anywhere, except nearly a half mile away, up a hill, near a pet shop (a very nice pet shop it was, but still, a bit of a walk – and not fun in the rain – to get to the city centre).

    And yes, you’re right about some things you just cannot get here in RoI that you can up there. Case in point for me is the amazing, delicious, brilliant Scott’s Porage. As much as I used to love Flahavan’s porridge (and it’s still tasty enough, don’t get me wrong), Scott’s Porage is the creme de la creme when it comes to porridge (I didn’t realise that porage is the Scottish way of spelling it).

    Iceland used to have it in a few of their Dublin branches (the ILAC Centre, when that was still there), but no longer (or at least, not that I can find when in Dublin), so the only place I can get it is in Enniskillen…or, failing that, I’m sure if I went over to Scotland or even anywhere in the UK, it’d be so easy to find in pretty much any food shop, big or small.

    Glad you and Jono had a nice time, and that you got your Twiglets.

    1. Thanks June and yes that was a ringtone…one of the old ladies wasn’t impressed when she realised that it said that whenever she called him!
      Iceland is in the Ilac in Dublin and there’s one opening on Talbot Street near the train station.
      The bus is very handy but it’s difficult walking with big bags of shopping.

      1. Thanks, Val. I didn’t know that Iceland was still located inside the ILAC – I’d read that it closed its doors last year (Iceland, I mean, not the ILAC). The last time I was in that specific Iceland (looking for the Scott’s Porage) was last year, and was told that they no longer stocked it. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

        I was in Dublin on Sunday (saw Simple Minds at the Point…emmm….I mean the 3Arena or whatever it’s called this week – they were brilliant, by the way) and walked down Talbot Street, and yes, I did see the big sign there saying that there’s to be a new Iceland branch opening there next week. Hopefully, they’ll be re-stocking that gorgeous porridge…I mean porage. ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. I bet Simple Minds were great June. Yes I saw the sign for the new Iceland too – oh there is one in Longford but I don’t know if they would stock the porage.

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