Singing and Sunsets

Sunset in Coolaney

As the title suggests the singing rehearsals for ‘Sligo Sings’ continue and my struggle to hit the high notes is a ongoing battle. In a flash of inspiration yesterday I thought perhaps if I wore my magic knickers it might somehow help. Unfortunately they aren’t that magic!!

So the hilarity of my friend Heidi I continue to sound like a cat being strangled and I can only attempt to hit the high notes when I have my eyes tightly closed so I look like a complete spanner! I’m hoping when the bit night comes that I will be positioned somewhere down the road and not on the stage at the Hawk’s Well!!

If any Sligo singing teacher wants to attempt to give me a lesson I’d be very grateful…you might want to wear earplugs though. Oh and bring an oxygen tank because I can’t breathe and sing at the same time.

Oh and as for the sunset photo this was taken last night. I was driving home and had to pull over because I thought it was something special.



2 thoughts on “Singing and Sunsets

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  1. Maybe you need “different” knickers for this…something REALLY special? Try a thong! Splurge on a pair, or two. LOL!

    Loved this! 😀


  2. Don’t stress, Val. You’ll be alright on the night. 🙂

    Where was this gorgeous sunset (besides it being in the sky and somewhere over Sligo, I mean) 🙂

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