Day trip to Longford


I heard an advert for Iceland in Longford on iRadio a couple of weeks ago. How did I never hear there was an Iceland in Longford?? It’s about an hours drive from here so Lucy and I headed over there today.  Iceland, for those who don’t know, is a freezer food shop.


Lucy was looking forward to going to Tally-weijl….it’s closed on a Sunday! The Penneys was very small and most of the shops in the town were closed. So we weren’t having a very good day.

Coffee and cake

We decided to drown our sorrows in coffee and cake while we googled shops. We found out that google lies! It told us there was a New Look in Longford…Karie on Twitter told us that there isn’t one, it’s actually in Mullingar. At one point I was so fed up of Longford I almost went to Athlone! I’ll never complain about the shops in Sligo again!


We drove out of the town centre and down to Iceland. We found a fantastic store in the retail park called Mr. Price. I’d never heard of it before but it was brilliant, some great bargains to be had there. It’s a bargain shop with a difference, they had Body Shop shower gel, Marks and Spencer products and American Pop Tarts €1.49! So Mr. Price and Iceland saved the day and we did end up doing some shopping.

Gaelic Chieftain

We were going to stop off at Carrick-on-Shannon on the way home but it was lashing rain so we carried on home, apart from a quick stop off at the Gaelic Chieftain.

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