Rocket-dog is a winner


I entered a competition on the Homeland Facebook page for Royal Canin dog food. It was a pet photo competition so I entered a photo of Rocket-dog and luckily he won! As he is a rescue dog he decided to donate his prize to Sligo Animal Rescue so we went along today to give the prize to Dorothy from the rescue.


Rocket was very excited when he arrived to the Homeland store in Sligo. I was a bit worried about how he would be considering he was eating curry chips last night and licked a menopause tablet!! He was grand though…and he didn’t even ‘water’ anything in the store.

Customer care

He loved looking at the other animals especially the birds, luckily he couldn’t get too near them.

He had such an exciting day and was given a chew which has kept him occupied for the rest of the day in between sleeping.

Tired Rocket

Thanks to Homeland for picking Rocket-dog as a winner. Sligo Animal Rescue need as much help as they can get so if you would like to donate you can do so here.

There is also a table quiz taking place on Friday March 6th 9.30pm at the Pier Head Hotel, Mullaghmore €20 per table and lots of spot prizes to be won.

6 thoughts on “Rocket-dog is a winner

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  1. Well done, Rocket-Dog and well done to you, Val, for entering Rocket-Dog into the competition. He definitely does look very happy and thrilled to have won – with an extra added bonus of being inside the shop to collect his prize and generously donating it to Sligo Animal Rescue.

    Fair play and congratulations, Rocket-dog. You’re one cool and handsome fella. πŸ™‚

  2. I don’t have a pet. I like to hear these stories about rescue dogs though. They are a responsibility and it is good to see they are finding good homes. Glad to see Rocket Dog paying it forward. Great idea.

  3. Oh Val, we still need to find the right day to take Banjo’s photos, right? Rocket looks very pleased at the store. Congratulations for your lovely gesture with Sligo Animal Rescue. Banjo is also a rescued dog and we are happy for you a Rocket! Well done!

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