Snow Day


I was in bed this morning listening out for traffic. Usually there is a fair amount of traffic on the road outside our house, this morning I counted two cars. So I dragged myself to the window and sure enough there was fairly deep snow (well for Sligo anyway) so I declared it a snow day.

Snow Day

I took Rocket-dog out for a walk through the village, I really miss seeing the animals that we used to see at the old house so we took a walk up to where we used to live.

Cold ass

We saw this lovely donkey who looked a bit chilly but he had plenty of food and shelter.

Oh Sheep

We saw a few sheep too and quite a lot of snow. I forgot to wear my wellington boots so ended up soaked in snow with wet feet.

The cottage with the red door

So I squelched back home and had a bit of a lazy day. Lucy did a new blog post which is brilliant (and nothing to do with snow).

The snow is almost all gone and we are now waiting to be hammered by Storm Rachel which is meant to put in an appearance tonight. Hopefully it won’t be as bad as they are promising.

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