The first snow of 2015

The peg, the snow and the moon This morning we woke up to snow in Sligo. I took the first photo on my phone in the back garden – the little white speck is the moon.

Down by the river

The next two photos are also taken with the phone. Above is the Garavogue River opposite the council offices. I love the sky in this, a sure sign of the snow that was to follow.

The Mall

About twenty minutes later I took this photo from The Model. It snowed on and off throughout the morning.

Icy heather

Now for the camera photos. In my tea break from my drama class I went outside The Model and took the photo above. The focus on it isn’t great but it was too cold to hang about so I’ll try better next time đŸ™‚


On the way home I stopped off at Ballisodare and took the photo above of Knocknarea. It’s still snowing here this evening and while I like the snow I don’t like driving in it…mainly due to some of the eejits on the road. I saw a fella today driving way too fast down the hill in the village, he had to slam on his brakes at the bottom of the hill and just managed to save the car from going up the kerb. Will they ever learn?

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  1. At first glance I thought you had snow on a Bleeding Heart but the leaves are not right. So what is the pretty pink snow covered flowers?

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