Storms and shoes

Rosses Point

After the snow yesterday we had the storm today (and last night). Storm Rachel battered Ireland, although to be quite honest it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be – although I’m told I slept through most of it!  We managed to survive the storm, the same can’t be said for the recycling bin though. It fell over this morning, spilling it’s guts of paper all over the drive…and there was me like a eejit running around gathering it all up…only for it to fall over again, it was a bit like groundhog day!!!

When I was driving to Sligo to take Lucy to work I thought Gilbert (the car) might have turned into Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (Lucy’s line, not mine) but I took the back roads and it was OK.

Rosses Point I had a little drive to Rosses Point but it was such a dull, dark, day it didn’t make for good photos.As Peter Wilcock told us in our photography course, if the light isn’t right you may as well stay in bed 🙂

I was delighted to win a voucher from Cordner’s shoes before Christmas. It couldn’t have come at a better time because the sole decided to fall off one of my boots. Lucy and I have a pair of ‘time share’ boots but she ends up wearing them most of the time. Now I have my very own pair of boots. So thank you Cordner’s, it’ll be nice to have dry feet again.

New boots

I’ve discovered a new Sligo blog, which I find very funny. As I’m a ‘blow in’ I can empathise with Fiona. I really enjoy reading the posts and look forward to more 🙂


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  1. Lovely photos, as usual, much better than mine! Mine are just from my phone (who’s battery died before I could get proper sea photos) and my ‘stormy’ post is from a different perspective!!
    It must have been beautiful, in a powerful way, in your part of the country.
    I like those boots…..

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