Hawk’s Well Happenings

8122862973_f8bfaebf37_bI’m a big fan of the Hawk’s Well Theatre. We are lucky to have such a great venue here in Sligo. I really feel like I’m getting a night out when I go to the theatre and they have such a wide variety of shows coming up there really is something for everyone.

IMG_8550At the moment there is a lovely exhibition in there by Rosemary Fallon (the photo I took above really doesn’t do this beautiful painting justice).  This exhibition is running until April 26th and is well worth a look.

The theatre, The Model and Kids’ Own Publishing Partnership have joined together for the Children’s Book Festival. This commences on Friday 6th March and there are a lot of events happening throughout the weekend.

The Hawk’s Well have also just started a Kids’ Club where the children can get their own membership card which they will get stamped each time they visit to get a goody bag and other rewards. You can find out more about that here.

IMG_5174You can find out the full list of events here. When was the last time you went to the theatre?

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  1. Looks a fabulous place Val, It’s so long since I was at the Theatre, I think we went to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show (again 🙂 ) I do love a good play or ballet, think I’m going to have to look whats on in the area now 🙂

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