The X Factor Live Show Dublin 2014

IMG_3441It was my birthday on Monday and I’d won two tickets for the X Factor Live show at the O2 Dublin from RTE. We were staying in The Gibson Hotel (which I loved and will tell you all about in another post). It turned out the X Factor contestants were also staying at The Gibson so there were a lot of fans waiting outside for most of the day.

IMG_3806We enjoyed the show. Luke was excellent and he was a highlight for us. There was a 25 minute interval which was quite a long time but I suppose the O2 wanted to sell as much of the €5 buckets of candyfloss as they could! Sam Bailey didn’t come out until the second half of the show. They were all great singers and along with the lights and pyrotechnics it was a great show.

IMG_4390All was good until we got back to the hotel. We got to meet Abi and she had her photo taken with Lucy and Jono, the others just walked by and most of them didn’t look at the fans. Although they were surrounded by security. Luke came out of the lift and I asked him if I could take a photo of him with Lucy, he said yes but by the time he got to the area where they were having their aftershow party he was pushed in by the security men and one of them grabbed my arm and told me off! Madness! I tried to explain that Luke had said he would pose for a photo but they weren’t having any of it. I think it was well out-of-order that this person grabbed me and he bruised my arm. There was no need for it whatsoever. It did take the fun out of the night for us.

We’ve often met celebrities in The Gibson but have never had to deal with security like that. There will be other posts about our trip to Dublin later. The rest of my X Factor show photos are here. The rest of my photos from the show are here there aren’t many as we were too far away.


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