Two Favours Please

2461847508_dcd09f7b78_bI have two favours to ask please (hence the puppy dog photo). The first is for a friend of mine, she has a wonderful site called Creating Creature Comforts. She is taking a stall at a Craft Fair in a few weeks time, and this is where I hope you will all help! This is an appeal to all artists, crafters, photographers, jewellers, potters, anyone at all – please would you be kind enough to donate something that you have made for her to sell on the stall to raise money for Irish Animal Rescues? If the answer is yes please let me know here or you can contact the Creating Creature Comforts site.


The second favour is one for me please. Canon lent me a wonderful 100D camera last year which I loved but sadly had to go back, but there is a photo competition running and I’ve entered my snow photo into it. I would love your votes please (you have to be on Facebook), if I get into the top 10 I’ll go through to a jury vote and I would so love to win this camera so I hope you will vote. The link is here.


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  1. Hello Val, did you win the camera? I tried to make everyone that I know vote for you…I also just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration, I really love your blog. I lived in the Sligo area in 2001 (Moneygold, Grange) and always thought that this beautiful place needs a lot more attention. Sligo has so much to offer! I always loved the sense of community there and the ever-changing landscape. You also gave me the confidence to start my own blog, it’s about horses. I’d be honoured if you would come visit one day ( Have a good week and I really hope you’ll get this camera one day πŸ™‚ Bee

    1. Hi Bee, The voting comp is still up and running so fingers crossed, thanks for voting :). I’m delighted that I inspired you to start a blog! I’ll pop over and have a look.

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