Halloween in Enniskillen

Enniskillen CastleYesterday Jono and I headed up to Enniskillen, we got there early enough so it wasn’t too busy.  Asda has a lot of Christmas stock in already as well as loads of Halloween goodies.  I love the fact that you get three hours of parking there free as well.  One thing that I think lets Sligo down is the parking fees.  I was in the Quayside for 2 and a half hours on Sunday and it cost me €3.00.  It’s free to park on a Sunday in Enniskillen.  I really think there should be an incentive in Sligo where if you are shopping in certain shops you should at least get an hours free parking.  Anyway I’m rambling!  Back to Enniskillen now.  I love B&M and Poundland there are some brilliant bargains to be had and so much cheaper than here in the South.  Although there are some things I find more expensive for example the tins of biscuits are £6 and they are around €6 here so you do have to shop around.

IcelandI love Iceland as well…the shop not the country.  I’m sure I’d love the country too but I’ve never been there, of course if the Iceland tourist board want to invite me over I’ll gladly pay a visit 😉  Anyway the freezer is now stocked up and I was very excited to see these guys (I don’t get out much 😉 )

Hula HoopsI love Hula Hoops so to see them as ones you can oven cook was brilliant! They had three different flavours but beef is my favourite, we tried them last night and they are fab! I feel another trip to Iceland coming up soon.

IMG_6179I also liked the idea of the Click and Collect idea by Asda.  I don’t know if we’d be able to avail of the service or if you need a Northern Irish address.  I posted this on Facebook and was told by several people who shopping is a ‘social outlet’ and they think this idea is a bad one.  Personally I could think of a lot of other things I’d rather be doing socially than shopping, especially when it’s very busy and there are people and trollies everywhere.

FireworksNow onto the Halloween Events that are taking place in Enniskillen.  There is a Halloween Extravaganza on in the castle on Thursday from 2-5pm, you can find out more about it here.  At 8pm there is the Fermanagh Firework Festival taking place.  This year’s theme is ‘Spooky Hollows’ with the fireworks display choreographed and synchronized to specially selected music. All spectators are encouraged to arrive in fancy dress.  It starts at 8pm and it’s free, you can find out more about it here.


8 thoughts on “Halloween in Enniskillen

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  1. Great blog post! Still 20 hours until the flight to Dublin. The countdown is so slow.
    It might take a week until I can take a peek at your next blog posts. The Nexus’ screen is small, therefore it isn’t always the preferred option to look at amazing blogs.
    Happy Halloween!

  2. Shopping is a social outlet? Ah yes I think I will continue to bring my shouty baby son to the supermarket so instead of ordering online, we’ll see if people like my social outing! :p

  3. I’ve definitely got to get back for a return visit to Enniskillen. All the Hallowe’en festivities look very enticing and tempting.

    We loved it there when we went about two years ago. There was one pub in particular – the William Blake – that was an old-fashioned, comfortable, cozy, wooden beams and NO telly – just good chat, good vibes, and great beers and wines and yum food for lunch, too. I also remember an old fashioned ice cream parlour…can’t remember the name of that, though – do you know the place I mean?

    As for shopping, NI is great for that – for me personally, Iceland is where I go to get my beloved and absolutely amazingly delicious Scott’s Porage. Scott’s Porage has made me completely forget about my one-time lifelong loyalty to Flahavan’s oatlets, lol, and the only place in RoI that used to have it (Scott’s Porage, I mean) was in the Iceland in the ILAC Centre in Dublin. Unfortunately, the last time we went there (last month), they no longer stocked it 😦 Another good reason to get back up to Enniskillen, then, lol.

    Yes, I know what you mean about Sligo town and the parking situation…or should I say, the lack thereof? Itt can be a real nuisance, alright. I’ve only recently discovered, quite by accident, that you can park in the huge car park at the Model pretty much all day…well…at least until half 6 in the evening, for 3 euros. Even though it’s metered, just to be able to park the car there at, say 12 noon, and know that I don’t have to go panicking and rushing back two or three hours later to pop in another 3 euros is worth the extra bit of walking (first down the hill and then back up the hill to where the Model is) to be done to get you to the main shopping streets.

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